This book is detailed and descriptive in such a magical way.
It has a propensity for drawing you into each scene and holding 
your interest to the end. 
Very well written, and intricately woven together to show the world of Drodenar and its people on a personal level. 
Can’t wait for the next book. 
Kathy Monkton 
Ian, you are really a gifted writer. Whether the story is a mystery, romance, sci-fi, or fantasy, I am a lover of the written word. 
This book contains wonderful prose, great imagery, 
unique characters, and a storyline that is impressive in its ability to make a reader angry, sad, happy, and remain engrossed in new story ideas as they develop. This story has to continue… so bring on Book 2!!! 
Heather Gill 
The word “imagination” defines this novel more profoundly than any other book I have read. The characters, the plot, and the physical environment in which the story is told are a constantly evolving mix of uniqueness and creativity. There is a grandness here that sweeps the reader into a world populated by characters, plants, animals, and places totally original in their fundamental qualities. Most novels are satisfied to tell a simple story of events. Here we have an experience of never ending but believable twists and turns, always original in its telling. 
Steven Gill
The Drodenar Project is a fascinating, well written book with overall strengths that place it at a high level of accomplishment, especially for a first book. Its descriptive prowess, scene setting, character development, and smooth movement between complex ideas make up an impressive list of strengths. I want to congratulate the author on a remarkable first novel and on the enormous potential of his writing skills.